I Create Transformational Learning experiences 

I am an educator, Curriculum designer, and coach. But, everything that I do is centered around the ultimate goal of improving learning experiences for all children. I call this my moonshot.

Sometimes that means creating powerful learning programs for companies like Mindvalley or well-known thought leaders. Other times, it's teaching in the classroom, training other educators, or redesigning curriculums for schools around the world.

Oftentimes it translates into empowering other educators to share their own voices. No matter what, education is always at the heart of what I do.

My Journey Began in a tiny village ...

I have created and redesigned curriculums in over 30 countries. There were a few years when I was on a plane to a different country weekly or at least monthly.

I have learned so much about different educational practices worldwide from this experience. 

You can view a bit about my journey on my TED talk here: 

Gahmya's TED talk

Watch My TED talk

I have taught through 2 pandemics...

Teaching through COVID-19 is actually the third time that I experienced a pandemic as an educator. 

After my experiences in 2009 and 2015 (Both in South Korea), I also share my pandemic and online teaching experiences. 

View Some of my Remote Learning Tips on NBC here

View My Pandemic Town hall for educators here

I have a platform entirely for kids

As I worked with more and more children and teens around the world, it became apparent that emotional health awareness and personal growth lessons are missing in educational experiences worldwide. 

I created the platform kidyouniversity to provide equal access to powerful personal growth education for kids.

Imagine how much better life would be for you if you would have learned ways to fully love, respect, and emotionally support yourself as a child.

Check out kidyouniversity here!

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